The Karhu Legend collection is designed to honour the brand’s heritage, while curating an assortment modern in its look and feel. Remembering past Karhu models is important for preserving a legacy rich in history.
In 1985, Karhu launched the “Trainer.” The pair that caught our attention consisted of soft yellow nylon, light grey suede and a dark grey M-logo.
In turn, the colour combination reminded the product team of Finland’s national bird, the Laulujoutsen (Whooper Swan), which has a yellow and black beak.
The Whooper Swan is a greatly admired fowl in Europe. In fact, the bird is so special that it is featured on Finland’s 1 Euro coin.
To pay homage to the Karhu Trainer and the Whooper Swan, Karhu releases the “Laulujoutsen” Pack.


KH804033 フュージョン2.0  ¥15,800+税
KH802579 アルバトロス ¥9,500+税
KH803032 アリア ¥14,800+税