Finland is known to have a special relationship to the ocean and its archipelago.
Travelling along the coastline and the archipelago of Finland, it is common to see old maritime inspired structures and buildings. The most notable ones are the lighthouses.
The lighthouse is designed to serve as a navigational aid for maritime pilots at sea or on inland waterways. Once widely used, the number of operational lighthouses has declined due to the use of electronic navigational systems.
In honour of the times that captains and sailors had to rely on these historic structures for safety reasons, we will launch the Lighthouse Pack. Dark coloured suedes and tougher mesh options are used as an inspiration for the intense weather conditions that are faced while experiencing mist and storm at sea.
Brighter colours like orange and yellow hint to the use of light from the lighthouse’s system of lamps and lenses to guide the ship’s crew.

船乗りの安全をまもったこれらの灯台からインスピレーションを受けた「Lighthouse Pack」は、ダークカラーのスエードとタフなメッシュを使用し、海上で直面する嵐や霧などをイメージ。

【2020FWモデル】ChampionAir “LIGHTHOUSE” PACK -Peyote/Atlantic Deep

【2020FWモデル】ChampionAir “LIGHTHOUSE” PACK -Reflecting Pond/Zinnia

【2020FWモデル】ChampionAir “LIGHTHOUSE” PACK -Vertiver/Bright White

【2020FWモデル】Albatross 82 “LIGHTHOUSE” PACK – Jet Black/Very Berry

【2020FWモデル】Albatross 82 “LIGHTHOUSE” PACK – Cinnamon Stick/Lime Punch

【2020FWモデル】Albatross 82 “LIGHTHOUSE” PACK – Snorkel Blue/Flame Scarlet

【2020FWモデル】Albatross 82 “LIGHTHOUSE” PACK – Auburn/Snorkel Blue

【2020FWモデル】Albatross 82 “LIGHTHOUSE” PACK – Gray Violet/Adriatic Blue