After a successful introduction of the fall 2017 “Outdoor Pack”, Karhu looks to back up the release with a refreshed second edition. Inspired by the hiking and walking trails in Finland, the second pack consists of two colour ways of the Aria, a Synchron Classic and the Fusion 2.0.
Following its close connection to the outdoors, the latest Karhu Legend release features updates to the Synchron Classic and Fusion 2.0 models. Inspired by the hiking and walking trails in Finland, the first release of fall 2017 incorporates durable, weather resistant materials and subdued colour ways to fit the season.
The main inspiration for Karhu’s Outdoor Pack is the Karhunkierros Trail, also known as the “bear’s trail,” a legendary path in Finland that welcomes thousands of nature and sports enthusiasts every year.


セカンドシリーズでは、Aria(アリア)が2モデル、Synchron Classic(シンクロンクラシック)、
そしてFusion 2.0(フュージョン2.0)の各1モデルずつが加わります。